How does my child become a Bella & Beau kid?

Simply fill in the application form on the website. Our talent manager will go through your application and will get back to you with an interview time if successful.

What is the interview about?

The interview is to meet your child and assess weather they are suitable for the type of work and roles we submit children for. It is a get to know you style meeting.

Is the work Australia wide?

Yes it is. We can submit our talent for roles all over Australia, and if the production budget permits, you can be asked to travel to locations away from where you live. This doesn’t’ happen very often, but it is a possibility.

Do you accept all applications?

No. We are a boutique talent and modelling agency and limit the children signed with us. We achieve this via our screening process. We look for particular skills and looks based on who we have on the books at the time and what the briefs are asking for.

Is the work guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee work for you child. What we do here at our agency is make sure we submit your child for every possible role or job that they are suited to. Casting Directors, Producers and Ad Executives are very specific on their needs for the particular job, and include fine details in every brief.